Implementation of différent kitchen or renovation or design Briançon

Step 1

We intervene as a cook designer on the high Alps in Briançon, Serre Chevalier, Gap, Embrun etc ...


Choose, your Choice:


A / We can take a measurement by physically moving to your place of project, recovering all the measures and technical dimensions necessary for the development of your project if you are not in possession of these elements *


(* additional benefit and lump sum deducted from your final quote if we finalize your project thereafter)


-B / We recover your dimension items and plans that you provide directly to us for our study.


We will also take care of checking the power supply connections and we recommend if it is not up to standard.


So you have the choice to benefit from a real makeover or a simple restyling

Step 2

In our office, we draw a first paper plan to have a global vision and a fresh eye on your project, having taken care to listen to your needs, your budget, your expectations and your desires to offer you the best product at the best price.

Step 3

With our designer, we digitize your measurements, your dimensions, your current or future environment (change of your floor, paint etc ...) in our 3D design software solution.

We add the furniture, appliances, atmosphere and after a while, we find the entirety of your project modeled and viewable in 3D.



We submit you the 3D project and the quote so that you can quietly rest assured you realize your future new living room.

Step 4

After having made the necessary adjustments so that your rendering is faithful to your expectations, and if you decide to validate your estimate and 3D plan, our team is in charge to put in production the manufacture of your kitchen and to restore you the technical plans

Step 5,6,7

After a few weeks, we receive the furniture of your kitchen.


We ensure delivery to the project site.


With our team of installers we carry out the setting up of your kitchen, its adjustments, the installation, connections.


You thus receive your kitchen turnkey, corresponding to your initial desires.

At table !

Go there, cook for yourself, your family, your children, your friends!



Take advantage of your new environment to simmer, prepare, slice, cut, peel, chop, boil, boil, roast, enjoy a meal on your worktop and indulge yourself.

Bon appétit with Christian Fine Kitchen Designer